Curious George and a Birthday Bash

We had an amazingly fun and colorful 4th birthday cake for a curious little monkey named Robbie. This little boy loves Curious George more than anything and was absolutely sure when asked what theme he wanted for his birthday party this year, that it would be Curious George.
So when we were asked if we could […]

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It’s good to be the baby

Last week was Erin’s birthday and though she turned 25 years old, she will always be known as the baby of the family.

Erin helps me out with most cake orders and adds amazing details to each cake we work on. Whether it’s from the kindness of her heart or from what she calls being “volun-told,” Erin […]

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Hello overkill, nice to meet you.

When we found out that our sister Shannon was having a baby, we knew that we would want to do something special for her and our niece to be. I mean, how could we not??? This was our big sister. We’re talking about the girl who used to chase us around the house with an […]

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Winter Wonderland

This past weekend we were tasked for an unbelievably fun cake project. We needed to create a dessert table for a baby shower with the theme “Winter Wonderland.”  SAY WHAT?!?!!? Bestest cake project ever! This is the first time I’ve heard of a Christmas themed baby shower but I really hope it’s not the last. […]

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Introducing Baby Love

Our sister recently told everyone that she is expecting a baby girl. And we’re all thrilled, not only because she will  be the first to have a baby in our family but because this means we get to make her a cake several cakes for her baby shower! WOOOHOOOO. Yeah people, this is what we […]

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Coconut Cupcakes

Lemon flavored anything used to be on the top of my favorite-things-to-eat list. That is, until now. I recently came across an amazing new recipe for coconut cupcakes. I never even knew there was such a thing until this past year. A light and fluffy texture combined with the most subtle taste of the tropics. […]

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Rocky Horror meet Creations by Casey

OK so we knew these would be fun. But the sheer joy I felt when I saw this photograph cannot be explained (but that won’t stop me from trying).

Does this picture remind anyone else of the movie poster ad for the Rocky Horror picture show? I was mesmerized by this group shot of the chocolate lips […]

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How to Make a Candied Apple

It’s been a couple days since we put together our dessert table, and we’re still just as much in love with it as we were when we first posted it. We’ve been living off our confections for days now, and we’re on a sugar rush of epic proportions.
 The candy apples have turned out to be […]

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I Put a Spell on You

Halloween is, without a doubt, one of our favorite times of the year. And while I enjoy the holiday,  my sister, Erin, takes it to a whole other level. Obsessed would be closer to the mark.

In hindsight, I shouldn’t have been surprised when she asked demanded we create a shrine of Halloween sweetness. Of course, […]

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Macaron Mayhem

I have researched the macaron for weeks now. And would be lying if I didn’t say that those little confectionary puffs didn’t intimidate me.

I came across one site that listed the “10 commandment’s of Macarons,” fearing that if I got it wrong there would be judgment (judgment in the form of decades of past and present French […]

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