It’s a Pool Party

What kind of gift do you give a man on Father’s Day (or any other day of the year for that matter)? A lawnmower, nose hair trimmer, blowtorch, back waxing (ouch)- This year we decided that the perfect gift  would be a man’s cupcake, perfect for the guy who has everything. Everything except an edible […]

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Ready for my close up

So I had a little extra time on my hands when I made the Oprah cakes and thought, “What the heck, nerves are for wusses, just pass me another cup of coffee, bartender.” And unable to let go of the tiniest amount of batter I decided to make mini-mini creations. There are umpa-lumpas somewhere in the […]

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Miami Heat, Go Eat

Can I get an “H”?

As I was putting my cupcakes together to snap a quick photograph, the “H” in Heat fell off and now read “GO EAT.” I laughed so hard because I thought, “yes I will.” This is the second time the Miami Heat will face the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals and […]

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It’s Wabbit Season

Easter has always been a favorite holiday in our home. We have so many great childhood memories involving dyeing eggs, and hunting for all those Easter eggs hidden by that silly little wabbit (hugh? oh! wrong rabbit but just as adorable) filled with chocolates, stickers and miniature versions of those miniature toys (after all they […]

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Groovy Baby

Love the fact that this special birthday lady, Betsi, whose age shall remain numberless and sense of humor is simply to too hysterical and far to large to fit all in one blog post, let us throw ourselves into her birthday creation.
It actually all began with Betsi’s daughter who wanted to throw a surprise party […]

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Luck of the Irish

Besides the fact that my favorite color is green, we’ve always been drawn to Saint Patrick’s Day. I am not so sure if it’s the fact that my mother’s side of the family are decedents from the old country or that corned beef was a once a year staple in our home but either way […]

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