Lemon flavored anything used to be on the top of my favorite-things-to-eat list. That is, until now. I recently came across an amazing new recipe for coconut cupcakes. I never even knew there was such a thing until this past year. A light and fluffy texture combined with the most subtle taste of the tropics. It’s like a party in your mouth that brings you back to your favorite beach vacation. Sun, sand, palm trees, reggae music on steel drums…but I digress.

Besides my new-found love for coconut cupcakes; I can’t seem to get enough of this cute serving plate. It’s my new favorite serving dish. I just adore the tiny dots that look like they were piped with icing around the border.  Figuring out what I can serve on this cute plate has become my new obsession.

My new favorite flavor; coconut

Now back to the cupcakes! The frosting for these little beauties is on a whole new level. It’s a combination of Italian meringue and crème anglaise made from coconut milk.

We actually spent all summer turning out coconut flavored treats and this is my final desperate attempt to hold onto this tropical flavor as we enter into fall. Pass the sun block, please!

In the end, coconut cupcakes are my new favorite flavor. What is your favorite cupcake flavor?

Coconut Cupcakes