OK so we knew these would be fun. But the sheer joy I felt when I saw this photograph cannot be explained (but that won’t stop me from trying).

Does this picture remind anyone else of the movie poster ad for the Rocky Horror picture show? I was mesmerized by this group shot of the chocolate lips staring back at us.

Rocky Horror meet Creations by Casey
I couldn’t resist making our own movie poster. Another thing we couldn’t resist? Sporting these babies around the studio for about an hour. We just couldn’t stop laughing at these lips. Until we ate them, that is. A girl can only take so much temptation, after all.  

So, if we could have that much fun with a bunch of chocolate lollipops in the shape of lips, would it be the same for our next batch of lollipops?

Delicious disguise

The answer: Yes! and probably the tastiest disguise ever. We should market these to government agencies for covert operations.

 I think I found my Halloween costume. Those lips are perfect.  Call me  Angelina, or Miss Jolie. Now, I just have to find myself a Brad. And tattoos. And kids. Hmm, maybe I’ll just stick to her signature lips for now.

Love the chaotic pattern

The end result; hours of amusement and sweet treats to snack on. Best afternoon ever.