This past weekend we were tasked for an unbelievably fun cake project. We needed to create a dessert table for a baby shower with the theme “Winter Wonderland.”  SAY WHAT?!?!!? Bestest cake project ever! This is the first time I’ve heard of a Christmas themed baby shower but I really hope it’s not the last. It was great to already start channeling the Christmas spirit and create an entire dessert table that revolved around it.

The party was going to be decorated with ornaments and poinsettias already and had the traditional red coloring for table clothes. So our idea was to of course go in the complete opposite direction and do a winter white themed idea for the treats. We decided on three cakes and four different flavors of cake. Yeah baby, you heard read right, four different flavors of cake; seemed simple enough in theory.

All of the cakes would be decorated with snowflakes but like in real life, no two snowflakes are alike on any of these cakes.

Our first cake was a rum cake .

Snowflake Cake

Snowflake cake

The second cake was a rich chocolate cake.

Snowflake Cake

The third cake, with it’s delicate and signature ruffles was red velvet.

Ruffles and snowflakes

Is anyone else noticing the red velvet trend? It feels like the only cake I get request’s for lately is red velvet. Please let me know what it is about this cake that’s driving everyone mad. We sell red velvet cake like hot cakes around here, though I’ve never been quite sure what that expression meant. Inquiring minds want to know…

There were coconut cupcakes, which I personally think I love more than life itself. God, that is not code for smite me with lightning bolts.

Coconut Cupcakes

We also topped some miniature red velvet cupcakes (I’m telling you people, like HOT CAKES) with Christmas tree toppers. I love how it almost looks like the little Christmas trees are sitting in a blanket of snow. A blanket of buttercream works just as well too.

Christmas Tree Cupcake Toppers

Christmas themed cupcakes

Then there were the chocolate cupcakes with the snowflake toppers. My favorite detail is that no two snowflakes are alike. Though Erin came up with the idea on how to decorate these snowflakes, I’m sure she wasn’t happy when I asked her to replicate it 30 more times.
Snowflake Cupcakes

We wouldn’t dare forget about the snowflake cookies that were hand cut into a variety of sizes.

Snowflake Cookies

Do you know what it’s like trying to keep half a dozen sugar deprived children from jumping the dessert table while you are setting it up? All bets are off when you bring out the iced cookies. Just close your eyes and pray that they pass you by.

For the favors we kept them within the same theme and we packaged peppermint bark from Williams-Sonoma. Have you ever tried their peppermint bark? YUM.

Peppermint Bark Favors

After all the cakes were cut and everyone had their cake and eaten it too (…) all that was left was one miniature cupcake, a few chocolate covered pretzels and a small crumble of chocolate cake that looked like enough to feed a single baby elf. If I have learned anything from this, it’s that women love their sweets.
Sweet treats filled our apothecary jars

And in case you didn’t catch our Winter Wonderland video on Facebook  you can view it again below. Happy Holiday’s everyone. Thank you for an amazing year!