Hi! I’m Casey, a Cuban-Irish-American California transplant who studied Hospitality and Culinary arts in Miami, FL, my hometown. I love sugar, butter, wine, photography, shoes, and food—and not always in that order.

Why Sugar Butter Lover? Sugar and butter are so often used as the base ingredients when it comes to baking. You could be making a pie, a cake, cookies, or even bread and you will most likely find that you start there. So often food is used as a form of expression and in the language of love, it’s a foundation and I couldn’t imagine a better place to begin.

I believe that life is beautiful and worth celebrating in style. Sugar Butter Lover is a full service, one stop shop that will add some pretty to your parties. We do dessert tables, decorations, party favors and more. I value every project I take on and work to create a distinct and personal style for each client. I enjoy flexing the creative side of my brain.

Whether it’s dessert or design, there are no limits to the imagination and I love what I do.