When we found out that our sister Shannon was having a baby, we knew that we would want to do something special for her and our niece to be. I mean, how could we not??? This was our big sister. We’re talking about the girl who used to chase us around the house with an egg beater. Oh yeah, that actually happened. The same girl who used to cut her Barbies hair because she thought it would grow back. This is the girl who shares every single childhood memory with me and is now no longer a girl but pregnant and soon- a mom…

What started out as a simple idea morphed into 4 different cake sketches, a mish mosh of emails between cake suppliers and a garage full of sweet props and accents. I did brooch the idea of chandeliers but was unfortunately shot down before I could even finish saying the word chan-

When we were setting up the backdrop for the dessert table, Erin noted that we would defiantly be needing a staple gun, hammer and nails to assemble everything. I yelled out “SURE! no problem,” and immediately ran to find the staple gun. To my surprise, no one would let me use the staple gun, hammer or nails. Not sure what that was about. My brief dreams of playing around with power tools were crushed.

We left the table empty throughout the baby shower just until after lunch was served. However, we had received compliments throughout the shower saying “oh, we love the dessert table” and we would say, “thank you but there’s no dessert there yet?” and everyone would break out laughing at the colorful but empty table.

You’ve got to love family and friends, they validate and boost your ego like no chocolate bar ever could. Once we brought out the cake, our oldest and dearest friends, gave us a round of applause. The kind that goes from a few claps to ten (but definitely seemed larger in my head). Too embarrassed to even look up, we focused on simply not dropping the cake and cupcakes as we walked the 20 feet or so to the desert table. But seriously, family and friends, you were our first fans and our biggest supporters. Thank you for your continued support and willingness to taste test everything that comes out of our kitchen (and I mean everything. Need I remind everyone of the Guinness cupcake incident??? I think not).

Blossom Cake

We made what seemed like a thousand of these little blossoms for this three tiered baby shower cake. I had Erin working overtime with me to pump extra out, scared that we would be short when it came time to decorate the cake. We even enlisted her boyfriend for a night of flower making. Pretty sure I wasn’t ever supposed to mention that… In the end we had an entire sheet tray of blossoms left over… ha ha ha

Blossom Cake

We topped the salted caramel cupcakes with butterfly’s and pink teddy bears. The theme of the party after all was Baby Girl (genius I know).

Salted Caramel Cupcakes

Then there were the miniature white chocolate cupcakes with our signature buttercream…

White Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate covered strawberries for good measure…

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Don’t you just love packaged favors? I know I do! I love to have things packaged up for people to take with them. But I think it’s more than that, I secretly enjoy watching women stuff their purses with the treats, it makes me laugh. Sometimes what starts out as one item in their purse ends up as 23. So we made white chocolate button lollipops for the Winona Ryder’s in the crowd.

Cute as a button

and sugar cookies that we stenciled on with a little decorative design.

Sugar Cookie Favors

By the way, we are really loving this rustic wooden toolbox. As soon as we saw it in the store, swoon.

Sugar Cookie Favors

Lastly and what seemed to be the biggest hit of the day were Erin’s white chocolate chip cookies. People were eating Erin’s cookies like there was no tomorrow. Although I have suspected the use of illicit drugs during the baking process, I have yet been able to prove it.

White Chocolate Chip Cookies

All in all, we had a great time planing our sisters baby shower and seriously, I just can’t wait to make Isabella Sofia’s first cake. And by first cake I mean, I’ll most likely be showing up at the hospital with an actual cake. Nothing too crazy, maybe just a one tier cake that lights up and sings Happy Birthday?

Congratulations Shannon, you are going to make an amazing mother!

Oh Baby! Dessert Table

And if you haven’t seen the video of our desserts from the baby shower on our Facebook fan page yet, here it is again.