We had an amazingly fun and colorful 4th birthday cake for a curious little monkey named Robbie. This little boy loves Curious George more than anything and was absolutely sure when asked what theme he wanted for his birthday party this year, that it would be Curious George.

So when we were asked if we could make a cake to match the birthday boys invitation we were thrilled. The invitation and party were full of colors! Bright, happy and fun colors that were perfect for a little boys birthday party. Of course we had to be sure to include  Curious George’s signature yellow from his shirt, and thus began the basis for our cake.

Erin drew an exact (and I mean EXACT) replica of Curious George from the birthday invitation and then hand painted the little guy to look like he had real fur. Seriously, Erin just amazes me every time.

Curious George close-up

We hand cut a balloons from sugar that went along with the theme of the party to place on the cake and cupcakes (better believe there were matching cupcakes too).

The cake was vanilla, the birthday boys favorite (have to admit, I didn’t see that coming) and the cupcakes were our signature chocolate recipe.

Balloon cupcakes to match the theme of the invitation and party; Curious George

We really liked how it looked as if the balloon cupcakes were floating around on the dessert table.

 And this is Robbie. He doesn’t really like to “pose” for pictures and was far to busy with the bounce house for the likes of us. I didn’t blame him, we kind of wanted to jump in there as well…

This is the birthday boy. HE IS A HANDFUL!

These miniature stuffed Curious George dolls were an amazing favor and just the right touch. The kids went crazy over them!

How cute are these Curious George monkey give aways for the kids???

We stayed and watched Robbie blow out his candles. It was so much fun to see! It’s very rare that Erin and I get to see a cake of ours once we drop it off at the party, so it really was a treat to see how excited all the kids were when we arrived with the cake. Robbie had put full force gale winds into that birthday wish and went to town on those candles! I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in such a long time! Do you remember any of your birthday wishes?

Birthday boy blowing out his candles

Happy birthday Robbie! Wishing you a lifetime of bounce houses and birthday cake.

Curious George birthday cake