We’ve made a lot of cakes before and all of them have been great but this one is down right super. Presenting our first super hero inspired cake; Thor’s Hammer.

When we were approached about making a super hero cake, I barely had time to brainstorm before Erin decided she was going to take the lead on this project. Little known fact: Erin is queen of all things geek, sci-fi, and everything outrageous.

At first we thought of sculpting Thor himself but we had two problems; one, no amount of sugar or buttercream could do Chris Hemsworth or his rippling muscles justice. And two, we couldn’t stop giggling over the reference photos long enough to get any work done. 

In the end, we settled on Thor’s iconic weapon “Mjolnir” and added a few extra elements, which included his armor to give this cake a little punch. Well that’s what we told ourselves, but in reality, we were just itching for a reason to do the cape. I mean really, how could anyone resist?

We had a lot of fun with this deliciously super cake and can’t wait to add more hero cakes to our collection.