Easter has always been a favorite holiday in our home. We have so many great childhood memories involving dyeing eggs, and hunting for all those Easter eggs hidden by that silly little wabbit (hugh? oh! wrong rabbit but just as adorable) filled with chocolates, stickers and miniature versions of those miniature toys (after all they had to fit in those Easter eggs, chocking hazard or not). But the best part of Easter, the part neither of my sisters could  forget were all the desserts and sweets a child could hope for. Next to Halloween, Easter has got it going on in the sweets department.

We all truly love a good Easter egg hunt, always have- always will. I’ll tell you something about that Easter egg hunt, it’s true what they say, it’s the thrill of the hunt. The thrill of searching for that shiny, brightly colored plastic egg, stuffed with those chocolate pieces that could melt if you just don’t get to them in time. It can quickly turn from that coveted piece of colorful plastic to an ooey gooey mess of melted chocolate; it’s not pretty folks. Even worse when you stumble across one in July. It is for all the above reasons that this sisterly trio has found it so hard to give up the sport all together- it’s the thrill of the hunt people. Oh my goodness, who lets me go on in such a manner… any who. We decided that this year we would/ could forgo the Easter egg hunt. After all, my parents were having a harder time coming up with creative hiding spots for the Easter eggs for their three 25+ year old children for several years now.

Rather, my sisters and I decided that we would all start a new tradition, one that is possibly more age appropriate. So between we, the sisters three, started a line of Easter creations (no pun intended). We simply adore how everything turned out. After it was all said and done we joked about how cute out little chickies had turned out, so cute, that it took everything in us not to turn those poor unsuspecting balls of fluff into KFC and roast their sugary tush’s into smores.

We are overjoyed by the response, and are so happy that everyone enjoyed them as much as we did.

P.S. I did want to point out, that yes, we were a little disappointed when we woke up and found that the Easter bunny hadn’t left a single Easter basket overflowing with chocolates and/ or dollar store toys to amuse us for the first 10 minutes leading up to breakfast. Soooooo, I ended up making my own darn treats. More to come on those tasty little numbers. But next year, ye be warned, it’s wabbit for dinner.

Hopping down the bunny trail

Love this lady,
Mother Mary
Easter Eggs

Spilled Flowers

Happy Easter everybody!

– Casey