Hello, my name is Casey and I love ruffles. Lately, all I want to do is ruffle every cake. Everywhere I turn I see ruffles. I want to wear ruffles, create ruffles,  I wish I  knew who invented the ruffle.

There are so many great and inspiring cake designers out there and I am constantly inspired by the digital confectionery world. There are just so many possibilities. So having been inspired by some of my favorite bloggers,  I had to recreate some of my favorites but with a twist.

It all started on Mother’s Day…

Exhibit A:

Ruffled on the outside

Looooove RufflesThis cake is so popular right now and why not; IT HAS RUFFLES! I have recreated this cake several times already and still, I want to make it again. I can’t wait for another kindred ruffle lover to email me their cake order… Subject line: Ruffles. Well, the email subject lines aren’t generally so direct or appeal to my direct love for ruffles. The subject lines usually start out with “Birthday Cake,” “Anniversary Cake,” “I need a cake by tomorrow!” <—- thank you for those, you keep me on my toes.

Recently, having the opportunity to create something with southern charm and completely girly, my mind instantly turned to ruffles- yet again. It’s a sickness people, I can’t be held responsible. Although, I blame my parents- not enough ruffles as a child.

100% charming

Love the varying degrees of pink and sugar roses. This is my new favorite child. Of course, until the next one comes along and then all that will be left were these moments between us…

Degrees of frillBut until then, I adore you my confectionery inner ruffled child. You complete me.

Matching set