Who doesn’t love a game of Scrabble? Well, if it doesn’t come with spell check, I am questionable at best but I was willing to give it a whirl (pocket dictionary in hand). So for Scrabble day we decided to pay homage with an edible game of Scrabble. Officially, Scrabble day was yesterday but we got caught up in playing an actual game of cake scrabble.  It actually worked out well because rather than challenging a word Erin had played- I just ate it. We were the Godzilla’s of cake scrabble, wreaking havoc upon confectionery syllables.

By the way, one of the words we laid down was “atilt.” After, some deliberation, we have come to agree this is an appropriate cake terminology.

atilt [əˈtɪlt] adv & adj

1. in a tilted or inclined position
2. Archaic in or as if in a joust (I look forward to using this version of atilt, dramatic and exciting!)
In a sentence: “Our cake is 12-inches tall and it is looking like it is atilt. I think we should try add some more support before it falls…. (splash, plop, kerplunk- whatever sound cake makes as it CRASHES to the floor).” And yes, this has actually happened to us. Heartbreaking.

Scrabble Day, We Salute You

Fortunately, this was not the cake that succumbed to such a tragic fate.

Our wonderful whimsical cake idea was inspired from one of our favorite television/ domestic diva’s- Martha Stewart. Man I love that woman, fully convinced that she could take over a small country with a pair of knitting needles.

What other edible games are waiting for us, I do not know but I can assure you of one thing, Erin is out for revenge.