Modern, Contemporary, and Victorian; this Valentine’s Day, we are celebrating love from all ages and eras as we recreate some of our favorite web inspired designs into miniature versions of love.

First is our contemporary styled Valentines cake; I {heart} you. By far, this was one of my favorite cakes; simple, sweet and to the point. I LOVE YOU and here’s a bunch of sweetness to prove it!

Victorian and romantic, we love the combination of lace and sugar flowers.

Victorian Love

And lastly, our tribute to modernism in the form of buttercream. Edible art? Heck yeah.

Heart Cake

These next miniature red velvet cupcakes are among our favorites. These cupcakes are colorful, they make an impression and by golly you can easily stuff three or four in your mouth at the same time (oh, and that’s a proven fact).

Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes

This is what happens when I’m left alone with a box of cupcakes and a camera for far too long. I have way more shots of these little guys than I probably need but they’re just so tiny!

Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes

What a better way to display your treats than placing them in their own porcelain carrier? Just so you know, this did start out as a full tray of cupcakes…

Then it turned into breakfast.

Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes

I know we did this same design for some of our Valentine’s cupcakes last year but what can we say. It’s a staple here in our kitchen and a crowd favorite. We will probably do this every year from now until forever.

Love Cupcakes

As if all of the above wasn’t enough of a sugar jolt to get your blood sugar climbing, what’s Valentines day without a bit of chocolate? Enter in our homemade brownies.

Our favorite tip? Take your favorite brownie recipe and use a cookie cutter to cut out whichever shape your little ol’ heart desires. But be forewarned whenever you are cutting out shapes from your brownie pan, you are bound to have brownie scraps left over. The leftover brownie scraps are so tragic in fact, that we had to eat ever leftover piece immediately; we couldn’t bare to look at that brownie graveyard.

A cold glass of milk helped to wash away all of the shame.

Milk and brownies- just as good

The more the merrier

It was clear we were going to have left over goodies on our hands. So the big questions was, “What to do with the Valentine’s Day left overs?” Package them up and know that they will find a good home.

Brownie Favors