Just for reference, I have always refereed to my fiancé as Handsome, I’m not sure how, why or when this started but it’s always been my nickname for him.

Handsome has been working in Los Angeles for the last year and half *sigh* and we’ve been commuting back and forth ever since. I get him for holidays, special occasions and for here and there’s. He get’s me in between cake orders. Sorry handsome, that’s just how it works. Sadly this is the first year we wouldn’t be together for his birthday this past November because both of our work schedules.

So with Erin’s help, we decided that when he flew down for Thanksgiving we’d do a little something special for him.

There’s something you should know about Handsome; h e  l o v e s  L e g o. And by love, I mean obsessed. He’s been collecting Lego since he lived in London and let’s just say, he’s no spring chicken. So it only seemed natural that his birthday cake revolved around Lego too.

And not only does Handsome love his Lego’s, he also really loves Miami Heat Basketball. I know better then to interrupt him when the game is on (plus it gives me time to catch up on my shows that he doesn’t usually want to watch with me either. It’s a strange arrangement but it works for us).

Handsomes Birthday/ Thanksgiving

By the way, how awesome are those candles? They have an estimated burn time of like 45 minutes!

And no, he didn’t turn 3 but I also didn’t feel like putting out a fire that night.

Here, Handsome can be seen threatening amputation of a defenseless Lego man. Poor guy never saw it coming.
Threatening Decapitation
Lego my cake
We also had an additional table filled with Thanksgiving themed desserts but due to the turkey overload we were subjected to, we were all pretty much comatose so we only have this one shot.

Food + more food + gravy =  food coma.

Our Thanksgiving Desssert Spread

Happy Birthday Handsome! Wishing you another amazing year filled with laughter and Lego. xoxo.