Eggs- the embodiment of new beginnings, new life, and all things Easter. We love Easter eggs, the color and the design take us straight back to our childhood. Back to the days of Peter Cotton Tail, Easter egg hunts, and those nostalgic days when we weren’t allowed in the kitchen without (heavy) supervision.

Thankfully, now that we’re grown, we’re allowed free range in the awesomeness that is the kitchen (Easy Bake Oven, it was nice knowing you). What better way to reflect on our (semi) mature selves than a grown up version of the Easter Egg.

This Faberge inspired egg cake was so much fun for us to make. Instead of dying actual Easter eggs this year, we dyed fondant, just as messy- way better sugar high. The fabric base surrounding the cake is also sugar. We roll the sugar paste extremely thin and wrap it around the cake to mimic fabric.

Faberge Egg

Erin took the lead on this project, bedazzling and glittering the heck out of this edible work of art. This cake really took the Easter egg to a new level. And yes, everything on this cake is edible- even the jewels.

My favorite detail are the miniature brooches that Erin placed on the front medallion and along the fabric; simple and elegant.


Wishing everyone a sweet Easter and a Happy Passover.