Super bowl is many things; sportsmanship, diehard fans, athletics and I don’t want to forget; a reason to get together a chow down on mass amounts of food.

Though some people are in it for the game and others for the commercials, I’m mostly in it for the food. Not that I need a reason to get down and greasy but it’s good to know I can blame that food baby on an entire casserole dish of Swedish meatballs and guacamole (not all at once of course, that just wouldn’t taste right—or would it…).

It’s sometimes hard to admit this but we are Dolphins fans and seeing that they weren’t in this year’s super bowl (or any other for that matter) I wasn’t really invested in the winner of last night’s game. So I basically ate my football feelings in large saucy quantities.

But this is Creations by Casey and its tradition to finish our meals with cake.

I had decided the day before that I wanted a cake at our little super bowl party. So I took the liberty of dragging Erin along with me.

In 24 hours Erin and I pumped out a football cake on what we felt was some pretty realistic looking AstroTurf. That’s right, we decided we were calling it AstroTurf instead of grass; it had that tough synthetic look only AstroTurf can pull off but mostly, just because we could. Erin can wheel a mean airbrush.

Super Bowl XLVI Cake
We added a little bit of texture and shadowing to the football for more of a rough a tumble look.

And around the 3rd quarter we unbuttoned the top button of our jeans and helped ourselves to the final course; dessert.