Curious George and a Birthday Bash

We had an amazingly fun and colorful 4th birthday cake for a curious little monkey named Robbie. This little boy loves Curious George more than anything and was absolutely sure when asked what theme he wanted for his birthday party this year, that it would be Curious George.
So when we were asked if we could […]

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It’s good to be the baby

Last week was Erin’s birthday and though she turned 25 years old, she will always be known as the baby of the family.

Erin helps me out with most cake orders and adds amazing details to each cake we work on. Whether it’s from the kindness of her heart or from what she calls being “volun-told,” Erin […]

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Happy Birthday Handsome

Just for reference, I have always refereed to my fiancé as Handsome, I’m not sure how, why or when this started but it’s always been my nickname for him.

Handsome has been working in Los Angeles for the last year and half *sigh* and we’ve been commuting back and forth ever since. I get him for […]

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Thor’s Hammer

We’ve made a lot of cakes before and all of them have been great but this one is down right super. Presenting our first super hero inspired cake; Thor’s Hammer.

When we were approached about making a super hero cake, I barely had time to brainstorm before Erin decided she was going to take the lead on this […]

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Groovy Baby

Love the fact that this special birthday lady, Betsi, whose age shall remain numberless and sense of humor is simply to too hysterical and far to large to fit all in one blog post, let us throw ourselves into her birthday creation.
It actually all began with Betsi’s daughter who wanted to throw a surprise party […]

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