Love the fact that this special birthday lady, Betsi, whose age shall remain numberless and sense of humor is simply to too hysterical and far to large to fit all in one blog post, let us throw ourselves into her birthday creation.

It actually all began with Betsi’s daughter who wanted to throw a surprise party for her. She came to us with the above table cloth design and let us at. We just love how colorful everything was, including the birthday girl.


Groovy Cupcakes

My favorite part was when people would ask us questions about the cake and cupcakes. But by far, best question/ moment of the night goes to….

Woman: “Are those flowers edible?”

Casey, “Yes, they are actually made from sugar.”

Woman: “oh great because I already ate one of the flowers.” (as she proceeds to eat her second flower)

Casey: (Smile’s deep down inside)