It’s the peak of Cherry Blossom season! Love, love, love, all the colors that surround this time of year, it’s simply dreamy.

And not only is love blooming, ah, so are the allergies. Yay- but that is easily solved with a consistent regiment of Zyrtec. Or if you are feeling down, try having a piece of cake. Honestly, there is so much that cake can cure. Well, cake and puppies.

This spring season, we too have felt as though we are catching a fever, spring fever that is. So instead of one piece of sugar delight to display, we prepared 3! All in the same day! Insanity has never tasted so sweet.

The memory of that day is still a little hazy but I do remember that frosting went flying, sugar dusted every table and the sink had overflowed from the labor of sweet creations. I lost count after the 6th load of dishes; it still gives me goose bumps and the occasional soap filled flashback.

The kitchen became a battlefield of spring confections. But somehow, with the aid of several cups of coffee and some help from my amazing and talented assistant EM, we managed to pull together our Spring Confection Collection. Click either on the link to the left or the link on the top of the page to view the Spring Confection Collection in its entirety. WOW, try saying that 5 times fast… Spring Confection Collection, Spring Confection Collection, Sprig Conftion Colltion, Sprg Confeion Coltion, Sg Cfecn Colln… nope, couldn’t do it.

The Flavors from the Spring Collection were:

  • Vanilla Cake, a tried and true classic
  • Lemon Cake with buttercream and toasted Meringue
  • White Chocolate Cake with a Lemon Curd filling and buttercream frosting

They were all delicious! And the lemon curd, I could eat by the spoonful. Perhaps you might be wondering the reason why so much of the lemon references in the collection. Well, earlier in the week, when I asked EM to pick up some lemons to try out a few new lemon recipes, she came back with a 6 pound bag. So, we will be making lemon cake for the next month and a half. But I don’t mind so much, when Casey maketh, Casey eateth. A beautiful cycle, if I do say so myself.