Recently we were asked to make a series of 3 cakes for a baby shower. Not 1 or 2, but 3! A woman after my own heart.

The whole idea started with a cake buffet with different flavors for everyone to sample. The theme: the mom-to-be’s favorite flower and her loyal puppy. When her sister came to us, asking for a baby shower cake(s), she had only 2 requirements: “Sunflowers everywhere, and somehow please include her puppy!”

Sunshine and Lullaby Rhymes. Double baby shower cake.

The first 2 cakes are sunflowered up. Like, sunflowers EVERYWHERE.

Sunflower themed baby shower

These little rays of sunshine brought so much joy and life to my table. That is until you even look at one of those petals wrong and they just snapped off. Fragile little suckers.

Most likely caused by a precise formula of unbalanced circumstances. Completely beyond my control. Something like;  me + 3rd cup of coffee + jittery hands = sunflower grave yard.


The second cake… well, have you ever heard the term “bubble butt?”

Sleeping Baby

It’s a real term, I assure you. Most commonly used to describe the Cuban ‘ass’et here in South Florida. And this baby’s heiny is my favorite part of the entire series of cakes. It’s just so plump.

Bubble Butt

On the 3rd and final cake we used the same puppy dog logo that was displayed throughout the baby shower gift tags and printables;

frogs & snails & puppy dog tails...

The cakes were a little bit of everything. Between the three cakes we had flavors that included, chocolate, coconut and lemon.

Here’s a look at the favors the family put together, look at the cute little puppy on the gift tag…

Baby shower theme, puppy dogs and sunflowers

Gift Boxes

When they saw that the cake had the same little puppy as the one on the gift tag; everyone just melted.

We just loved the use of the puppy dogs and sunflowers throughout. So cheerful and fun and definitely unlike any other baby shower we’ve done so far.