Say hello to our new best friend!

He has rosy cheeks, floppy ears and lives on cake.  Literally. Now, don’t confuse Chumbo with me even if we sound like twins. 

Elephant Themed Baby Shower

Here at Creations by Casey, we constructed this adorable treat as a custom specialty cake for a special baby shower.  If only Momma’s little peanut could appreciate such fine caking that the guests in attendance had.

A number of very satisfying and creative hours were spent finishing this specialty creation– from the time it took imagining our plump little Chumbo to the gorgeous platform upon which he reigned.  Also, we can’t forget the most delectable mini red velvet and yellow cupcake peons that were Chumbo’s entourage.

 That’s right.  Chumbo gets peons.  Where are my peons?

Baby Blue Miniture Cupcakes

I fell in love with Chumbo; I won’t deny it.  That’s why, once our craft was finished, I commanded Erin to get pregnant so we could have a real excuse to make another for ourselves.

(To those interested, she denied my request.)

If you want your own Chumbo or Chumba or whathaveyou, you know where to reach us!

Now, excuse me while I go birth another Chumbo.  My pocket will be his home.