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How to Make a Candied Apple

It’s been a couple days since we put together our dessert table, and we’re still just as much in love with it as we were when we first posted it. We’ve been living off our confections for days now, and we’re on a sugar rush of epic proportions.
 The candy apples have turned out to be […]

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I Put a Spell on You

Halloween is, without a doubt, one of our favorite times of the year. And while I enjoy the holiday,  my sister, Erin, takes it to a whole other level. Obsessed would be closer to the mark.

In hindsight, I shouldn’t have been surprised when she asked demanded we create a shrine of Halloween sweetness. Of course, […]

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It’s Been One Week!

It’s been a solid week of our Crazy for Cake Facebook contest, and we are ecstatic with the great amount of participation we’ve had! We love our competitive contestants!

“Hippie Styling and Cake Loving” is one of our contestant’s submission trying to win a cake for her 25th birthday. She has been in the lead for […]

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Meet Chumbo

Say hello to our new best friend!

He has rosy cheeks, floppy ears and lives on cake.  Literally. Now, don’t confuse Chumbo with me even if we sound like twins. 

Here at Creations by Casey, we constructed this adorable treat as a custom specialty cake for a special baby shower.  If only Momma’s little peanut could appreciate such […]

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Happy Fall!

It’s that time of year again! Today is the first day of fall! While we don’t feel too much of a difference in climate between summer and fall down in Miami, our noses and taste buds can sure sense the difference.

Fall ingredients are everywhere! We find them in our regular Starbucks run; Suddenly there are […]

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Giving Back is Sweet: Susan G. Komen

Creations by Casey is proud to announce that we have just received our commitment form to donate 500 cookies to Susan G. Komen’s breast cancer survivor’s tent.  They will be participating in the Race for the Cure in Miami, FL on October 15th!  

We couldn’t be happier knowing we are donating to some of the […]

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Our Cakes Will Never Taste Sad

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where homemade meals are made and a few steps away from the dinner table where moments with loved ones are shared. It’s no surprise why so many gatherings revolve around food. Food brings people together, and you can’t deny that rush of excitement when you’ve been craving […]

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Cooking up a Contest

Happy Thursday everyone! The work week is soon to end and here at Creations by Casey, we are cooking up a Facebook contest for the week to come! We’ll be posting all of the details and regulations of the contest soon! Be sure to like our Facebook page “Creations by Casey” to be one of […]

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Cupcakes for a Cause

We have all seen the world around us going through economic crisis, health scares and natural disasters through pictures and videos we see on TV and the web. Earlier this year, Japan was struck by a tsunami that took the lives of many and left survivors to struggle. We felt awful when we saw the […]

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Macaron Mayhem

I have researched the macaron for weeks now. And would be lying if I didn’t say that those little confectionary puffs didn’t intimidate me.

I came across one site that listed the “10 commandment’s of Macarons,” fearing that if I got it wrong there would be judgment (judgment in the form of decades of past and present French […]

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