The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where homemade meals are made and a few steps away from the dinner table where moments with loved ones are shared. It’s no surprise why so many gatherings revolve around food. Food brings people together, and you can’t deny that rush of excitement when you’ve been craving a piece of chocolate all day and it finally reaches your taste buds.

There’s a book called “The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake,” and the title itself is mind-boggling. How could a sentence with the word “cake” be in the same sentence with the word “sadness”? We can’t seem to wrap our brains around “sad food.” The story, by Aimee Bender, revolves around a little girl who discovers a gift of being able to taste the emotions the person was feeling as they prepared the food. So if her mother was particularly sad when she made that lemon cake, the little girl was able to taste it. We can’t imagine that sadness tastes very good. Don’t worry, it’s fiction but it gives us something to think about. So just in case there are any people in the world with that gift, we will definitely bake pure happiness into all of our cakes, cookies and whatever else comes in and out of our ovens!