All you need is love (and a slice of cake)

Modern, Contemporary, and Victorian; this Valentine’s Day, we are celebrating love from all ages and eras as we recreate some of our favorite web inspired designs into miniature versions of love.
First is our contemporary styled Valentines cake; I {heart} you. By far, this was one of my favorite cakes; simple, sweet and to the point. […]

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Hello overkill, nice to meet you.

When we found out that our sister Shannon was having a baby, we knew that we would want to do something special for her and our niece to be. I mean, how could we not??? This was our big sister. We’re talking about the girl who used to chase us around the house with an […]

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Winter Wonderland

This past weekend we were tasked for an unbelievably fun cake project. We needed to create a dessert table for a baby shower with the theme “Winter Wonderland.”  SAY WHAT?!?!!? Bestest cake project ever! This is the first time I’ve heard of a Christmas themed baby shower but I really hope it’s not the last. […]

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Introducing Baby Love

Our sister recently told everyone that she is expecting a baby girl. And we’re all thrilled, not only because she will  be the first to have a baby in our family but because this means we get to make her a cake several cakes for her baby shower! WOOOHOOOO. Yeah people, this is what we […]

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Cooking up a Contest

Happy Thursday everyone! The work week is soon to end and here at Creations by Casey, we are cooking up a Facebook contest for the week to come! We’ll be posting all of the details and regulations of the contest soon! Be sure to like our Facebook page “Creations by Casey” to be one of […]

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Cupcakes for a Cause

We have all seen the world around us going through economic crisis, health scares and natural disasters through pictures and videos we see on TV and the web. Earlier this year, Japan was struck by a tsunami that took the lives of many and left survivors to struggle. We felt awful when we saw the […]

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Macaron Mayhem

I have researched the macaron for weeks now. And would be lying if I didn’t say that those little confectionary puffs didn’t intimidate me.

I came across one site that listed the “10 commandment’s of Macarons,” fearing that if I got it wrong there would be judgment (judgment in the form of decades of past and present French […]

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It’s a Pool Party

What kind of gift do you give a man on Father’s Day (or any other day of the year for that matter)? A lawnmower, nose hair trimmer, blowtorch, back waxing (ouch)- This year we decided that the perfect gift  would be a man’s cupcake, perfect for the guy who has everything. Everything except an edible […]

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Ready for my close up

So I had a little extra time on my hands when I made the Oprah cakes and thought, “What the heck, nerves are for wusses, just pass me another cup of coffee, bartender.” And unable to let go of the tiniest amount of batter I decided to make mini-mini creations. There are umpa-lumpas somewhere in the […]

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Miami Heat, Go Eat

Can I get an “H”?

As I was putting my cupcakes together to snap a quick photograph, the “H” in Heat fell off and now read “GO EAT.” I laughed so hard because I thought, “yes I will.” This is the second time the Miami Heat will face the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals and […]

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